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C6 Battery Cover

2005 - 2008 C6
The number 1 request I get is, “please make a battery cover”.  Although many have said they wanted a stainless cover, I refused to make anything that would be conductive or cause a potential fire.  As of today, the only option has been a flat plate or a Plexiglas cover that did not cover the engine side.  After many months of development, I present “Battery Under Glass”.  As many already know, I do not just build or sell to make a buck.  Fit, finish and quality is and always will be # 1 priority.  My battery cover is the only product on the market made to cover all visible sides of the battery while maintaining ample venting.  It is built using hand-laid gel coated fiberglass (same as a boat hull).  The battery cover is designed to slip over the battery and rest between the battery and the battery tray.  To insure extra security, industrial strength Velcro is supplied to secure the cover to the battery.  The cover is easily removable to access the battery, no tools needed.  This will be offered two ways:
** Satin gloss black industrial textured finish  
Each one is handmade in the USA. 



C6 Satin Finish Battery Cover (matches other under hood parts) - $89.99

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