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Over the past few years a number of Corvette owners with the same love and passion you have, developed some of the highest quality accessories and services available.
These accessories and services quickly became known though-out the Corvette world as the "ones" to have. You will see many of these items in the major part houses like Ecklers, Mid-America, WCC and more.
Small, single owner business sprouted from the demand, delivering the highest quality available and a level of customer service above and beyond all others.
When you deal with us, you are generally dealing with the owner/designer and getting products hand made right here in the USA. These accessories and services are all offered by Corvette owners that use them on a daily basis.
Our reputations on places like the Corvette Forum are very well known. This site sells nothing, but it offers you the chance to visit some of the greatest treasures in the world of custom Corvette accessories and services.