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OLD School Mild2Wild Exhaust Controllers



Control your Bi-mode Z06/ZR1 or NPP exhaust with your FOOT, the OLD SCHOOL way.  No hands needed!!!!!


Installs in minutes, simply remove the OEM dead pedal (very easy, 2 nuts) drill a ” hole and install this one.  The special flat wire harness simply passes from the driver side to the passenger side and you then simply plug in the adapter into the fuse block.  No ground wire to install. 


Works will all Z06 / ZR1 and any 2008 and up with the NPP exhaust option. Zero drain, starts in the last setting you left it.  No fob, no wireless, no visor.  A special heavy duty switch is in simple reach, press loud, press quite, how simple.  You can even switch it prior to starting the car. Just like the old hi-beam switches


The kit includes a pre wired heavy duty switch, stress relief block and zip tie, special flat shielded cable, Fuse taps and fuses and special exhaust fuse bypass spade.  10 min install- Tools needed 10mm wrench, ” drill bit.